Commercial Roofing Services King of Prussia, PA

Commercial roofs in the Northeast often require more maintenance and different types of commercial roofing services than those in milder climates. Capital Coating, Inc. has been working on roofs in this area for decades now. We know how to make sure that a roof remains leak-free during all four seasons. For quality roofing assistance in King of Prussia, PA, call us at (717) 442-0979.

Roof Leak Detection

A lot of problems can arise when a roofing company does not find all of a roof’s leaks upon inspection. Here at Capital Coating, we make sure that our thorough roof leak detection is on full display each time we come to inspect a roof. Once we’ve checked the entirety of a roofs surface, we’ll then be able to come up with the best and most cost-effective strategy to fix it up.

Roof Repairs

Repairing commercial roofs is second nature at this point to our experienced roofing veterans. We’ve been trusted to repair all kinds of commercial roofs in Pennsylvania and have delivered first class results consistently. With our guys keeping up with roof maintenance and free roof inspections, you’ll spend far less on your roof.

Roof Coatings

A lot of commercial roofing companies might recommend a roof replacement earlier than needed. At Capital Coating, our team knows how to recognize the roofs that can be effectively restored instead. With a new roof coating applied by our roofers, you could be looking at a roof that lasts over a decade longer.

Roof Replacements

Time for a new roof? Capital Coating makes this process easy with hassle-free customer support, excellent prices, and timely project completion. We can give you a free estimate on the project and will be over soon after you call us to have a look at your roof.

Call Us Today!

Capital Coating, Inc. offers cost-effective commercial roofing services to clients in King of Prussia, PA. We’ll have your roof lasting longer through thorough inspections, repairs, and maintenance. Reach out to our team at (717) 442-0979 to learn more about what we offer. We’ll be over to your building shortly after to take a look.