Commercial Roofing Companies Lebanon, PA

As a business owner, trying to find a commercial roofing company that you can trust to keep your commercial building in shape is vital. When a roof is installed correctly, they can last you decades. However, you should still have your roof inspected consistently and keep up to date on small repairs. As a total-service roofing company, Capital Coating handles all different kinds of commercial roofing services. We are the top roofing company for clients in the Lebanon, Pennsylvania area. Contact us today at (717)-442-0979, for a free onsite estimate.

Form a Long-Term Business Relationship

Our goal at Capital Coating is to provide superior services and keep a solid professional relationship with our customers. We are a very reliable commercial roofing company and our clients have great trust in us, which is why we have formed many long-term business relationships in the Lebanon, Pennsylvania area. Our dedication to our clients is unlike any other.

Services we Provide

At Capital Coating we provide all the roofing services for commercial and residential roofs. These services are metal roof repairs, SPF systems, flat roof repairs, single-ply roofing, fabric reinforced systems, roof inspections, roof coatings, and many more. So whatever you need when it comes down to roofs, we have it all.

Aside from repairing, restoring, or replacing your roof and making it waterproof for many years, we also provide our clients with energy-efficient roofing options. With a simple roof coating, your business can save close to 30% on your A/C bills. This is because of the seamless membrane. It sticks to the surface of your commercial roof and will return most of the sun’s rays. This inexpensive and easy-to- install option will extend your roofs life by 10+ years and it will save you a whole bunch of money throughout the lifespan of your roof.

Contact us Today

Capital Coating provides individualized attention from a team full of skilled technicians. Clients in the Lebanon, Pennsylvania area that need our expert help should contact us at (717)-442-0979. We guarantee that we will get the job done properly the first time.