Industrial Flooring Types – Which Is Right For Your Facility?

Industrial floors are some of the most abused assets in every facility.  They are exposed to caustic and acid cleaners, forklift traffic, pallets, equipment, hydraulic fluid,heavy inventory, corrosive ingredients and much more.  These hazards may sound uncommon to a regular home owner, but for an industrial flooring contractor, these are common obstacles that every epoxy floor expert needs to consider.

  • Does the area get washed down?
  • Does the area get foot traffic, or fork lift traffic?
  • Is the area exposed to battery acid, caustic cleaners, or corrosive solvents? 
  • Does the area require a cove base?
  • Does the industrial floor need to be pitched towards a drain?
  • Is the owner looking for aesthetics or functionality?
  • Does the area need a slip-resistant texture?
  • Is the customer looking for warehouse striping, logos, or floor markings?

These are questions that every epoxy floor expert will need to consider when surveying an industrial or commercial project.  


6 Things to Consider for Commercial Roof Repair

huge commercial roof in need of repair

No matter how skillfully it was constructed, every building’s roof will encounter problems throughout its life. This exterior feature constantly endures changing weather patterns and debris, which cause wear and tear. Additional factors like poor initial installation can make a roof deteriorate more quickly.

When you are considering a significant repair or even a full replacement, it can be difficult to know where to start. Getting a thorough understanding of the factors that influence repair or replacement is the first step, and evaluating the type of repair required is next. If you’re having trouble knowing where to start the process, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll go over what you need to consider when deciding on commercial roof repair.


COVID19 Update – Our Emergency Services Are Still Operating

We are entering uncertain times. And much of the population is being asked to remain home. But many of your facilities and properties are still operating for the good of the community. Some of you continue to manufacture our food and health products despite the viral outbreak. And others are continuing to manage these properties that we depend on.

Capital Coating wants to thank you for your continued service. And we want you to know that we’re here to help you. Our Facility Services Division is open, operating, and we can be contacted anytime for Emergency Services:

  • If your roof needs repairs – we can help
  • If your industrial floors need repaired – we can help
  • If your facility requires industrial coatings – we can help


Restoration of a Ballasted EPDM Roof on a School Building

  • Industrial rooftop before a coating job

    Before – Restoration of a Ballasted EPDM Roof

  • Commercial rooftop with puddles

    During – Restoration of an EDPM Roof

  • Industrial rooftop with coating

    After – Finished Coating Application

When a school in the Delaware Valley School District approached Capital Coating, Inc. about a major repair to a 120,000 sq. ft., ballasted EPDM roof, we were up to the challenge. In fact, Capital Coating was able to design a special roofing system that allowed us to effectively repair the roof within the client’s budget while minimizing the downtime incurred. Repairing the existing roof was 50% of the cost of a brand new roof while delivering on quality expectations backed by a 10-year, no-dollar limit warranty.

We made sure our roof repair offered the required integrity and durability by carefully inspecting and surveying the site, before proceeding with the design/build. We diligently prepared and high-pressure washed the surface, then moved on to the actual roof restoration using acrylic/elastomeric and urethane coatings with a reinforced fabric mat. The coatings were fluid-applied, fully reinforced, seamless, fully adhered, and waterproof.

It took us four weeks to complete the restoration and ensured that we met the Cool Roof Rating Council, Energy Star and Factory Mutual standards. To learn more about why this school district was satisfied with the results, please see below and contact us directly.

Highlights of this Ballasted EPDM Roof Restoration Project

Product Description We repaired a ballasted EPDM roof of a school building.
 Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary:
Site Survey
Roof Restoration
Surface Preparation
High Pressure Washing

  • 10 Years
  • No Dollar Limit
 Size of Roof 120,000 Square Feet
 Products Worked With Acrylic/Elastomeric Coating
Urethane Coating
Reinforced Fabric Mat
 Product Features Fluid Applied
Fully Reinforced
Fully Seamless
Full Adhered
Waterproof Membrane
 Industry for Use Educational
Public School
 Turnaround Time 4 Weeks
 Delivery Location Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania
 Standards Met CRRC (Cool Roof Rating Council)
Energy Star
FM (Factory Mutual)
 Project Name Roof Restoration of a School Building

Prepping & Painting an Operating Dust Removal System at a Metal Foundry

  • Feed mill facility

    Before – Prepping & Painting an Operating Dust Removal System

  • commercial painting job at a feed mill

    After – Prepping & Painting an Operating Dust Removal System

  • Commercial painting job completed

    During – Prepping & Painting an Operating Dust Removal System

When a metal foundry discovered that the substrate on their dust-removal system and bag house were rusting, management recognized the need for immediate action. However, they also knew that in view of their production commitments, they would be unable to accommodate any downtime. The challenge was finding a firm that was able to make the repairs prepare the substrate and apply the coating while the foundry was up and running. To meet this challenge, Capital Coating, Inc. designed a unique paint system that allowed us to do all of the necessary work on the substrate – while that substrate was at a constant 400°F. We did the project surveying, design/build, media and crushed-glass blasting, pressure washing, paint removal and regular and high-reach painting while the metal foundry was operating at full capacity. We used our 60′ and 80′ lifts as well as our 200′ crane to reach the necessary heights, applying specialized heat-resistant, high-performance and epoxy paints.

Capital Coating completed this demanding and highly-specialized paint project for our York, Pennsylvania client in four weeks. The metal foundry client appreciated both the end results and final bill and as result, this project was the beginning of what has become an ongoing relationship.

For further details on this project, see the table below or contact Capital Coatings directly.

Highlights of this Prep and Painting Project

Product Description We prepped and painted a dust collection system and bag house for a metal foundry
 Prep & Painting Capabilities & Applied/Processes  Project Survey
Media Blasting
Pressure Washing
Crushed Glass Blasting
Paint Removal
High Reach Painting
 Equipment Used 200′ Crane
60′ Lift
80′ Lift
Swing Stages
Paint Sprayers
Manual Painting Tools
 Products Worked With High Heat, High Performance Paint
Epoxy Paint
 Components Repainted Dust Collection System
Bag House
 Industry for Use Metal Foundry
 Turnaround Time 4 Weeks
 Delivery Location  York, Pennsylvania
 Standards Met  Customer Specifications
 Project Name  Painting of Dust Collection System and Bag House

Repairing & Restoring Feed Mill’s Fire-Damaged Roof & Storage Bins

  • Before paint is applied on a commercial facility

    Before – Repairing & Restoring a Feed Mill Fire Damaged Roof

  • Workers paint a pipe at a facility

    During – Repairing & Restoring a Feed Mill Fire Damaged Roof

  • Feed mill with a fresh coating

    After – Repairing & Restoring a Feed Mill Fire Damaged Roof

Capital Coating, Inc. was contracted with the repair and restoration of a fire-damaged roof for a feed mill client in the agricultural industry. The project required that the roof be rebuilt, which included all of the prep work, such as the sand and media blasting, pressure-washing, paint removal and painting. To ensure the necessary durability, resilience and exterior finish, we used spray polyurethane foam, a silicone coat and a high-performance paint coat. To successfully complete the high-reach painting on the storage bins and grain elevators, we used our specialized swing stages and 110′ lift as required. We completed the project; start to finish, for our client in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in four weeks.

Additional details are included below. We look forward to providing the repair and restoration services that you require.

Fire-Damaged Feed Mill Repair and Restoration Project Highlights

Product Description We repaired the fire damaged roof of a feed mill, including high reach painting of storage bins and a grain elevator
 Capabilities Applied/Processes Project Survey
Sand and Media Blasting
Pressure Washing
Paint Removal
High Reach Painting
 Equipment Used 110′ Lift
Swing Stages
Media Blasting System
Pressure Washers
Roof Coating Sprayers
Paint Sprayers
Manual Painting Tools
 Products Worked With Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF)
Silicone Coating
High Performance Paint Coating
 Industry for Use Agricultural
 Turnaround Time 4 Weeks
 Delivery Location Lancaster, Pennsylvania
 Standards Met Customer Specifications
 Project Name Repair and Restoration of Fire Damaged Roof