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At Capital Coating, we have been providing commercial roof coating and fluid applied membranes, epoxy flooring and painting solutions for over 20 years. We know that your facility’s condition affects your ability to do business. That’s why we give your roofing, flooring, and industrial coatings the careful attention it deserves.

Our contractors are safety trained and dedicated to your satisfaction. Quality workmanship, knowledgeable professionalism, attentive customer service and efficient work completion define our services. You can trust us to deliver outstanding results every time. We build strong relationships with our clients, who are primarily located in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey. We also offer a selection of our services nationwide.

Capital Coating, Inc. specializes in a complete range of commercial and industrial roof coating, painting solutions, and epoxy floor installations. We understand that your facility’s capital investments require careful attention and your satisfaction is important to us, so we strive for perfection in everything we do. From site-surveys to covering and protecting customer’s equipment, to preparing substrates, and installing our own coating specifications: professionalism, top-grade workmanship, attentive client service, and efficient project completion are core components of our services. We also offer preventative maintenance for commercial roof coatings and epoxy floors, as well as roof inspection programs so your investments continue to perform well.

The condition of your roofing greatly impacts the performance of your facility. The right coating can extend the life of your commercial roof and improve its appearance. At Capital Coating, we offer commercial roof coatings, fluid applied membranes and other services for commercial and industrial facilities serving a range of industries — from pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, food process facilities, distribution centers, restaurants and corporate buildings.

Commercial Roof Coating, Epoxy Flooring and Industrial Painting

Every aspect of your facility contributes to its performance and safety, including the roof and flooring. To help improve your facility, we offer roof coating services and fluid applied membranes for flat and low-slope roofs. Our coatings adhere to many substrates, including metal and shingles. These coatings protect your roof from damage and reflect UV rays to help regulate your facility’s interior temperatures. These coatings can be sprayed or rolled on.

In addition to roof coatings, we specialize in epoxy flooring and industrial painting. Epoxy flooring promotes safety and sanitation with its slip resistance and cleanliness.  Although epoxy floor is the common name used, there are many other materials included in resinous floors including polyaspartics, urethane, urethane cement, engineered concrete, and polyurea.  The performance requirements for each resinous floor will determine which product to use for your industrial and commercial flooring project.

Industrial painting protects the structural integrity and appearance of your facility.  If structural steel is corroding, the proper specifications can prevent these problematic areas from getting worst.  And industrial coatings will protect these areas from the elements that initially caused the damage.

Commercial Roofing Repair, Restoration and Replacement

Is your commercial building’s roof in need of repair, restoration or replacement? Our commercial roof coatings can repair leaks, restore a worn roof to pristine condition and protect a new roof once it’s installed. If you’re not sure what level of work your roof requires, our commercial roof contractors can perform a full inspection and explain options for addressing the damage.

Capital Coating provides commercial roofing services for many types of roofs, including:

Emergency Roof Services

A leaking roof can pose serious health and safety concerns for both workers and customers. Flat roofs are particularly susceptible to leaks and other damage due to pooling water. No matter what kind of roof you have at your business or industrial facility, our flat roof specialists work hard to respond to emergency service requests quickly and professionally.  We have the tools, experience, and capabilities to serve you emergency roof repairs today, so that your facility can get back into operation quickly.

Roof Maintenance

The best way to prevent roof leaks and other types of damage is to adhere to a regular maintenance schedule. To give you peace of mind during day-to-day operations, our commercial roof contractors can provide regular inspections and complete preventive maintenance tasks. We will schedule our visits at times that are convenient for you.

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